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September 9th, 2023

About sessions

As a collaborative, user-organized (un)conference, ProductCamp Austin relies on product people like you to submit sessions and share product knowledge!

  • The submission deadline is Thursday, September 7th

  • Only ONE session proposal per presenter is permitted

  • Sessions are limited to 30 minutes, including Q&A

  • On the morning of the un-conference, you’ll have 30 seconds to pitch your session to voters   

  • The top sessions with the most votes from the community will present

If you have questions, email


Submitted sessions

Unlocking Success Through Psychological Safety

Category: Product Management, Careers | Target Audience: Essentials | Format: Presentation

Join us for a riveting exploration of Psychological Safety, the hidden key to unlocking creativity, innovation, and collaboration in any organization! In this powerful session, we'll dive into real-life strategies that foster an environment where everyone feels safe to be their authentic selves. TAKEAWAYS INCLUDE: - How to establish an atmosphere where ideas are shared freely without fear of ridicule or dismissal. - Steps to create group dynamics where every team member, regardless of background or position, feels valued. - Learn to foster a culture where risk-taking is celebrated, leading to breakthrough innovation. - The techniques needed to shift from a blame culture to one of growth and development. This session isn't just a presentation; it's an invitation to transform your workplace into a thriving ecosystem of ideas, creativity, and collaboration. Join us, and take the essential step towards a more harmonious and productive future for your organization!

Uncommon Trust

Category: Careers | Target Audience: Advanced | Format: Presentation

Trust on your team is the foundation to a successful work environment. When trust is low attrition and stress go up. Thom Singer is a certified partner for the Trust Edge Leadership Institute. This program will change how you look at building trust inside your organization.

Rise of the AI Driven Product Manager

Category: Careers, Data Analytics | Target Audience: Essentials | Format: Presentation

AI can run companies, growth hack, run marketing campaigns and sell product! Will it replace PMs? Or can it actually drive us to be 10X PMs? Depends on how we can embrace it to complement human ingenuity. In this talk we explore a possible future for the Product Manager role and how we can better equip ourselves to win!

"What's this 'data pipeline' thing you keep talking about?" A primer on data management for product managers

Category: Product Management, Data Analytics | Target Audience: Advanced | Format: Presentation

Everyone is rightly excited about "Artificial Intelligence", "Machine Learning" and "Large Language Models". But behind these glitzy buzzwords lies the shadowy underworld of Data Management: Few people understand it. Fewer do it right. It always takes longer than you think. And, if you do it wrong, it can kill your product or business. This presentation is meant to help product managers break open the black box of data management, de-mystify data buzzwords, have intelligent conversations with data people and lead the development of valuable data platforms and products.

How it Helps Marketing, Sales & Profits

Category: Product Marketing, Other | Target Audience: Entrepreneurs | Format: Presentation

What are the essentials of branding and how can it help you with marketing your product or services. Questions answers include: Can Branding REALLY help Drive Sales? How? How Much Does it Cost (in real dollars and LOST sales)? What Constitutes a Good Brand? What is More Important: Good Product / Service or Good Brand? What are the Intangibles of a Great Brand?

Drive Greater Innovation and Success Using Jobs-to-Be-Done

Category: Product Management  | Target Audience: Essentials | Format: Workshop

A basic principle of Product Management is understanding customer problems, but we can still struggle to properly frame the problem and know that we are focusing on the right problem. One of the most effective ways I have learned to frame the need for a product is through Jobs-to-Be-Done. When Product Managers properly apply Jobs-to-Be-Done, they are better able to identify and articulate the market problem they are solving, which then opens them to a new world of possibilities to drive innovation. This session will introduce the participants to the Jobs-to-Be-Done framework, will share examples of the concept based upon well-known products, connecting that to the innovations achieved, and then provide time for participants to apply Jobs-to-Be-Done through a group exercise.

Flock - interest graphs and coordination for continuous un-conferencing

Category: Product Management, User experience  | Target Audience: Essentials | Format: Roundtable Breakout

Imagine a world where you are able to join a conversation with a small group of people interested in discussing the same topic you are, any time of the year. The conversation is civil, informative and fun, with minimal barrier to entry. In this session we will first explore the barriers to creating a product for continuous digital unconferencing. Is this need already met, in annual conferences, book clubs, meetup groups and digital social media? What are the failure modes for digital discussion such as spaces, zoom or clubhouse? After a short discussion we will do a storyboarding exercise to explore our individual dreams and visions for global interest group coordination. With your permission, storyboards will be collected, digitized and shared back to the group after the session.

Map the Value of your Product with the Value Proposition Canvas

Category: Product Management, Product Marketing  | Target Audience: Entrepreneurs | Format: Workshop

Can you clearly explain your idea? – Map your value proposition. The session will help you distil your idea into a one-page visual map called The Value Proposition Canvas. A tool for marketing experts, product owners, and value creators. This method from the bestselling innovation book Value Proposition Design is applied in leading organizations and start-ups worldwide. • Learn how to map the value that your product or service brings against the jobs, pains and gains of your customer • Discover and test messaging that will resonate with your customer • Leverage the Value Proposition Canvas to find product market fit • Adjust your Value Proposition based on the insights you gained from customer evidence and achieve Product-Market fit. The session will consist of a brief break-down of the tool followed by a group exercise.

Positioned to disrupt: Top strategies from a PLG company that actually work

Category: Product Management, Product Marketing  | Target Audience: Essentials | Format: Presentation

Successful companies today have a strong product backing that is deeply rooted in trust. In this session, I'll share my direct experiences from growing a Product-led developer tools business - the do's, the don'ts, and what you as product managers and marketers can do to help fuel that evolution. You'll take away some key insights that you can apply to your own product growth.

From Chaos to Clarity: Effective Prioritization Techniques for Every Domain

Category: Product Management, Product Marketing  | Target Audience: Advanced | Format: Presentation

In this interactive session, we will dive into the dark arts of prioritization. Whether you're a new PM eager to build a robust toolkit or a seasoned pro looking to refine-tune your current approach, this session will change how you think about prioritization. We'll explore how to use the prioritization decision context to select effective prioritization techniques that fit the situation. We will explore a portfolio of prioritization techniques, and you will walk away with some hands-on experience in prioritization based on realistic scenarios. More importantly, you'll gain the critical skills needed to evaluate the effectiveness of your current prioritization strategies and make improvements. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your decision-making and prioritization skills and become a more responsive and strategically adept Product Manager.

AI Tools and Other Hacks to Help You Find Your Next Job

Category: Careers, Other | Target Audience: Essentials | Format: Workshop

Learn how to quickly optimize your resume and LinkedIn profile, network online and offline, prep for interviews, and brand yourself using AI and other tools to give yourself a competitive edge in a highly competitive market. The speaker has changed jobs and industries successfully many times in her career. She'll share her process with practical tips and hands-on demos. Whether you're a recent grad or a seasoned pro, don't miss this chance to supercharge your job hunt with AI! Bring your laptop if you'd like to follow along and work through your resume and profile during the demonstration.

Mastery is never an accident

Category: Careers, Other | Target Audience: Essentials | Format: Workshop

Becoming a masterful product leader doesn't happen by accident. Like World Class athletes, performers, and thinkers, the best product leaders know that mastering their craft takes compelling drive, clear focus, careful practice, and lots of help. We'll look at the ways top performers sharpen their skills, and see how we can put those keys into practice for our own growth.

Journey to Product Management: Finding Your Niche in Product

Category: Product Management, Careers | Target Audience: Essentials | Format: Presentation or Panel format

Product can be a buzz word but what does it really mean? Consider working in industries that may be cutting-edge or in high demand. PM's are always in demand. The question really lies in how can one find their niche in the product space? Everything from 3-D printing to cybersecurity is all open for product. Positioning oneself for success is integral towards getting to the goal of contributing towards addressing problems and gaps in today's society.

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