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Pragmatic Institute is the transformational partner for today’s businesses, providing immediate impact through actionable and practical training.

We focus on building expertise and collaboration within and across data, design and product teams. This allows organizations to accelerate innovation, grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction and drive success.

Our courses are taught by industry experts with decades of hands-on experience, and include a complete ecosystem of training, resources and community. Our focus on dynamic instruction and continued learning has helped over 200,00 alumni worldwide advance their careers and achieve their goals.


But we don’t just train—we provide proven methodologies, adaptable resources, battle-tested strategies and world-class support. In fact, thousands of companies around the world—from startups to Fortune 500—rely on our models to drive their business and power their strategies.

Pragmatic’s product curriculum provides inspiring and engaging training for product teams tackling complex business problems. Our offerings focus on the product craft, from understanding your market to successfully launching solutions that sell (and every step in between). You’ll leave Pragmatic training with an action plan, adaptable tools and a proven framework for business transformation that will accelerate your product innovation and elevate your voice in the strategic conversation.


Learning doesn't end at the classroom door. Pragmatic alumni are part of a worldwide community of product professionals: emboldened with resources to solve problems; empowered by peer conversations; and engaged in continuous learning opportunities that will refuel your passion as a product professional.

Founded as Pragmatic Marketing in 1993, Pragmatic Institute has a strong track record of providing real-world insights, actionable best practices and proven tools to product managers and product marketing managers worldwide.

In late 2018, recognizing the power of data and the increasing need for a real understanding of data science and AI among business and product professionals, Pragmatic Marketing purchased The Data Incubator (TDI), a leading data science training organization. The two companies rebranded and became Pragmatic Institute in 2019.

Then in 2020, Pragmatic Institute grew once again, this time acquiring the masterminds behind the leading design courses at Cooper Professional Education. Pragmatic’s goal is to create a bridge between product, design and data that will help organizations identify the right opportunities and create the most innovative solutions for their markets.

Together, Pragmatic’s design, data and product practices create a powerful professional education platform to enhance the knowledge and skills of key contributors and teams.

 If you’re ready to empower your teams to create truly innovative solutions for your market, visit or call 480-515-1411.



Great PMs are made, not born.  

The MS in Product Management at CMU trains PMs in the rare combination of business, technical, design, and leadership skills that employers desire most.  In addition to PM coursework, students graduate with hands-on experience.  Throughout, students refine their ability to discover and solve the right problems.  With its streamlined focus upon PM skills, the degree may be completed in one year.  Applications open now for January 2024.  Partner with us to create a talent pipeline or undertake a project to solve a real problem.

MSPM.  Designed to build the skills PMs need.  Designed to build the PMs employers need.

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